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Lending Library

Scroll down to browse our selection of items available for checkout in our office.

Our library is always accepting donations! Contact Jamie to reserve library materials or to donate items.

Children's Literature

Adolescent / Adult Literature

Boxed Lesson Kits

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Butterfly Boxed Program

Butterfly Mounting Kits are available for pickup from our office in Ballwin and the Thomas Dunn Learning Center in St. Louis. These kits are made with the help of the Sophia M. Sachs Butterfly House in Chesterfield, MO.


Each kit contains one dead butterfly (which died of natural causes at the Butterfly House), pins, a foam mounting board, a butterfly identification sheet, and instructions in Spanish and English.


Please return the box and spare materials after use. Individual kits are available for families. Reservations of 3 or more kits are available only to educational groups and programs. For a reservation of 3 more more kits, please provide your program name and the ages of the students you serve. 


Rainforest Hand Puppets

Six rainforest puppets: two iguanas, a gecko, a frog, and anteater, and a monkey. These puppets are great for young learners to get to know rainforest animals through free play, or for older learners to write and perform a show. Encourage learners to research each animal, and incorporate what they learn into their puppet show. 

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South and Central American Indigenous Art and Tools

This boxed kit includes 20+ pieces of South American Indigenous art and tools. Collected by Friends of the Rainforest founder Rachel Crandell, the items in this box represent artisan work from Indigenous nations across the continent of South America, with a concentration of items from the Amazon region. Learn about traditional blow gun hunting, and study the artistry of beadwork and curios. 

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