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Butterfly Boxed Program - Lesson Plans & Examples

A teacher at Villa di Maria Montessori in Kirkwood, Missouri, shows a group of several students a diagram of a butterfly wing.
A monarch butterfly, modeled with clay. This was a project by a student at Villa Di Maria Montessori in Kirkwood, Missouri.
A butterfly pinned to a foam mounting board.

Villa di Maria Montessori

Kirkwood, MO

Villa di Maria Montessori used these boxed kits to kickstart a variety of student-led projects. This class of elementary students (shown left) learned about parts of a butterfly, examined their specimens under a microscope, and decorated shadow boxes for their butterflies. Some students used their butterfly specimen as inspiration for artwork. 

We are so happy to see students following up on their questions, and to see the multi-disciplinary work they engaged in!

LifeWise STL

St. Louis, MO

A group of learners at LifeWise STL took butterfly boxed kits home to do with their families. This student made a beautiful 3D display for her butterfly specimen. She also did some independent research and learned about butterfly biology and physiology. This project was spearheaded by a mother and community leader from Michoacan, Mexico - the largest over-wintering site for monarch butterflies. In some parts of Mexico, the arrival of monarchs symbolizes departed loved ones returning for Dia de los Muertos. She encouraged kids to write about what butterflies mean to them. 

We're excited to see so many people finding deep personal connections to this project!

Sofia Butterfly.jpeg
Sofia Butterfly Essay.jpeg

Lesson Plans and Resources


To learn more about monarch migration and how it connects to Dia de los Meurtos traditions, check out Learning for Justice's Lesson, "Migration and the Spirits of Life."


The Sophia M. Sachs Butterfly House has a website called "Butterfly School," which contains species identification sheets, information, and lesson resources.


This short story by Rigoberto González discusses the ecological impacts of artificial or manmade borders and walls. The story is written in both English and Spanish. 

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