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When you buy a Protect-a-Pal, you protect the habitat
of sloths, monkeys, birds, jaguars, frogs, insects, and more!

One-half of your donation will go directly to the Children’s Eternal Rainforest in Costa Rica to preserve Rainforest habitat, and the other half will support our environmental education programming.
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Additionally, for every Protect-a-Pal sold One Tree Planted will plant one tree in Costa Rica. Read more about their mission here.

Click here to see our trees from 2023
Click here to see our trees from 2022

Did you know?

The Children’s Eternal Rainforest protects more biodiversity than most places on earth, including:

  • 154 species of amphibians and reptiles

  • 121 kinds of mammals

  • 450 bird species

  • 3,000 different kinds of plants including 800 species of trees and 500 types of orchids

  • 1 million insect species

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