Forest News

Field Notes


June 2020

  • Making Diversity a Mindset

  • Education Update

  • Grant Update

  • Volunteers in Action: Aki Aora

  • Monteverde Spotlight: Fabio Araya

  • Activity Corner

  • Then and Now: Ben Swank

  • Javier Joins the Protect-a-Pal Family

  • Meet Our New Board Members: Melissa and Chad 


December 2019

  • Rachel Crandell Memorial Fund Update

  • Hands-On in the Rainforest

  • Kids in Action: Spotlight on Sarah

  • FOTR Visits the CER

  • Protect-a-Pal Program

  • Wear Your Cause

  • Education and Outreach: Meet Amy!

  • Trivia Night 2019 Recap


June 2019

  • News from the Rainforest: Donor Contributions at Work

  • Education Corner: On a Mission

  • Protect-A-Pal Program

  • Getting Inspired with Beachside Montessori

  • Wear Your Cause

  • Meet Our New Board Member: Cara Murphy-Smith



Spring 2018

  • Update on Tropical Storm Nate

  • Florence’s Birthday Fundraiser

  • Microscope Donation and Education



Fall 2017

  • Using GIS to Map the Forest

  • Tapir Captured on Tape

  • Make Friends with a Tree



Winter 2016: Issue 1

  • In Memory of Henry Murillo

  • Spotlight on Olivia Votava

  • Rainforest Read-a-thon

Friends of the Rainforest is committed to our mission of educating and inspiring children and adults to take action to protect, support, and expand the Rainforest.

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