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Q&A with Lindsay Stallcup

We hosted a virtual Q&A with Lindsay Stallcup, the executive director of the Monteverde Conservation League in Costa Rica. ⁠

During the pandemic, the Monteverde Conservation League has suffered a huge loss of revenue. They have recently reopened their doors to local tourists, but they still anticipate a loss of around $100,000 through the end of the year.⁠

We spoke to Lindsay to hear about how they've adapted to this deficit, the other ways the pandemic has affected their work, and what they anticipate going forward into 2021. We have now provided them with two grants to help supplement their guard's salaries through the end of the year.

We experienced some technical difficulties towards the middle when our wifi cut out. We were then able to get everything back up and running, although there is a chunk of the Q&A that wasn't recorded.⁠

If you have any questions while watching, please email our Development Coordinator, Sophie, at⁠

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