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Environmental Education week 2021

Monday: Amazing Ants!

Learn about Leaf-Cutter Ants - the ultimate team workers - in this short video brought to you by Friends of the Rainforest and the Sophia M. Sachs Butterfly House.


Visit these ants and many more cool rainforest bugs at the Butterfly House in Chesterfield, MO.  For more information, go to:

Tuesday: Hummingbird Habitats!

Learn about different species of hummingbirds in the tropical rainforests of Costa Rica. Engage in community science by tracking hummingbird sightings as they migrate north for the spring and summer. Make your own hummingbird feeder for backyard birding!


Report Hummingbird Sightings here

Wednesday: Brilliant Butterflies

Friends of the Rainforest had the opportunity to visit the Sophia M. Sachs Butterfly House in St. Louis, MO to talk with Science Education Coordinator, Chris Hartley about all the amazing butterflies they house.⁠

Learning about how you can help the rainforest from your own city is an important step you can take to protect the rainforest. Protecting the butterflies here and abroad has real benefits for the health of your local community and the health of the rainforest!⁠

Thursday: Food Systems, Farming and Foraging

Learn which of your favorite foods come from the rainforest and how you can enjoy them sustainably. Come along with Education Coordinator Jamie as she shows you how you can lessen your reliance on global food trade and corporations by gardening, foraging, and supporting St. Louis community-based organizations. 

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Join us this Tomorrow for an Educational Happy Hour.

We will be discussing environmental justice and environmental racism. We will have a short presentation, followed by time for discussion and questions. This discussion is open to everyone.

Learn more here.

Sign up here.

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Friends of the Rainforest offers other free resources and lessons (virtual or, with clear communication and precautions, outdoor distanced lessons). 

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