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Social Accountability

Nonprofit accountability goes beyond finances.


In addition to providing research, travel and education opportunities to students and teachers traveling to Costa Rica, we work extensively with local students in the Saint Louis metropolitan region. As an educational organization, we seek to not only make our programs accessible to students in our community, but to use our platform to work toward social, educational, and environmental justice. To aid in this work, we formed the Educational Equity Committee in 2020. This committee works closely with the Education Committee on our Board, but includes community educators and stakeholders not otherwise connected with Board work. To learn more about this group and how you can be involved, email our Education Coordinator at


  • Create Educational Equity Committee

  • Increase accessibility to blind and visually impaired folx

  • Update data tracking form to include school demographics

  • Create teacher post-survey centered on equity and accessibility


  • Co-develop volunteer training materials with professional in equity and justice work

  • Publish social accountability alongside financial accountablility

  • Formalize MOUs

  • Co-plan new programs and events with stakeholders

  • Expand the Educational Equity Committee to include educators from across the region, serving different types of schools and learning communities, and representing students and educators of diverse backgrounds

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