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Policy for Classroom Presentations 

At Friends of the Rainforest (FOTR), it is our goal to provide your class or group with the most meaningful and impactful presentation.  In order to do that, our hosts need to understand and abide by several requirements which ensure the safety and enjoyment for all involved.

All of our staff and volunteers coming into the classroom have been given a background check at the time they begin working with FOTR.  However, we do not allow our staff or volunteers to be left alone with students for any reason.  The school or sponsoring group will need to provide at least one adult chaperone for every 24 participants.  If the chaperone needs to leave the classroom for any reason, they must call in another chaperone to replace them.

Presentations and classroom lessons can not be held in private homes.  Arrangements must be made by the group to secure an appropriate space in a school, library, church, etc.  If the presenter arrives on location to find that it is a private residence, they will be unable to complete the lesson.  If you are looking to schedule a private presentation for adults in a private home, please contact us at

We do our best to keep our website updated to make online scheduling easier.  We will give you a call to confirm your time slot before the meeting date where we will collect information on location, the number of students, facilities available, etc.  Because we utilize volunteers, there are rare occasions where we will have to reschedule a presentation.  We will always do our best to find someone to fill in for the original time.  We ask for at least one week's notice when scheduling a presentation.

If the group participating in the lesson is not ready to begin within 15 minutes of the scheduled start time, we will ask for the lesson to be rescheduled.  This will prevent our volunteers from diminishing the presentation by rushing to make up for lost time and allow them to be on time to subsequent presentations.

Our lessons are designed to be hands-on and we anticipate a reasonable amount of wear and tear.  However, if teaching tools or kit materials are destroyed due to improper handling or excessive roughness, the school or group may be billed for the replacement costs.

We will arrive with the materials to complete our presentation, but ask that school or group provide standard office/school equipment such as, pens, pencils, tape, scissors, etc.  This allows us to reduce the amount of items we are transporting as well as keeping our costs down allowing for us to continue this free resource.

Some of our lessons have an audio/visual component to them.  If an A/V lesson is scheduled, the school or group will be responsible for providing the appropriate A/V equipment.  Our staff will confirm that equipment is available during the confirmation call.  By scheduling a classroom lesson with FOTR, you agree to this policy.

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