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What is Give STL Day?

Give STL Day is a 24-hour, online giving event 

organized by the St. Louis Community Foundation. For 24 hours on May 7th, your donation to Friends of the Rainforest can go further than other days as the STL Community Foundation has a number of ways to amplify your donation through "power hours" and fundraising prizes for organizations.

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What if I'm Not in St. Louis?

​No problem! You don't have to be in the St. Louis area to participate. This is a day meant to support St. Louis nonprofits, but support is needed from everywhere! Donate to Friends of the Rainforest, and check out some of the other St. Louis nonprofits while you're at it! 


Friends of the Rainforest is committed to our mission of educating and inspiring children and adults to take action to protect, support, and expand the Rainforest.

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