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This Earth Day, join us for an Educational Happy Hour as we discuss Environmental Racism and Environmental Justice.


These are two terms that have been getting a lot of attention recently, and we want to create an opportunity for those who would like to learn more about how environmental and social concerns intersect.


We will have a short presentation, followed by time for discussion and questions. This discussion is open to everyone. You can make it what you'd like; you can bring your questions and come ready for a discussion, or you can join us with your camera off and just listen. 


Sign up for our happy hour here.


And submit any questions you may have here. We understand that these may be new concepts for some, and we want everyone to feel comfortable to ask questions, so you may also submit your questions anonymously if you'd like!


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out. You can email Sophie at sophie@friendsoftherainforest.org.