Bringing the Lessons

These are strange times, but our commitment to education remains as strong as ever.  Here you will find a collection of activities adapted for in home use so you can bring the lessons from the Rainforest into your living room.  If you have questions about a lesson, suggestions, or are looking to become involved, please reach out to our Education Coordinator, Jamie, at jamie@friendsoftherainforest.org. We are always here to help!

Make Your Own Glasswing Butterfly Ring!

Click here for full instructions.

Rainforest Bird Beak Challenge: At-Home Edition!

Click here for full instructions.

Rainforest Layers Mural DIY

Click here for full instructions.

Five Slow and Sleepy Sloths: Read-Aloud & Book DIY

Click here for book template.

For at-home virtual lessons, click "Schedule a Lesson" from the "Education and Outreach" menu, and check out our options for interactive lessons over video chat!

Friends of the Rainforest is an international organization that engages in environmental education and justice work  in and around St. Louis, Missouri, the “traditional, ancestral land of the Osage nation. The process of knowing and acknowledging the land we stand on is a way of honoring and expressing gratitude for the ancestral Osage people who were on this land before us” and recognizes those that are still here.

Friends of the Rainforest is committed to our mission of educating and inspiring children and adults to take action to protect, support, and expand the Rainforest.

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